Gilded Lab

Design & Craftsmanship


We’re passionate about jewellery that’s crafted to last a lifetime, whether it’s made in sterling silver or 18 karat gold. Each collection is designed and prototyped in our London studio where we take the time to obsess over every detail, ensuring every pieces beauty and longevity.

We’ve searched the globe for the best manufacturers (the very same ones that produce some of your favourite designer jewellery) and have spent months on the ground developing a great relationship with their craftsmen, working together to ensure the highest quality and integrity.

Each Gilded Lab piece is made using a combination of the latest in 3d technology and traditional hand crafted techniques to create some of the finest quality jewellery on the market.

Modern & Everyday Design

With our ethos embedded in customisation, each piece is ready for you to add your own touch to make it truly yours.

We carefully developed the templates of each line with a DNA that is both contemporary and fashion infused, yet allows room for you to put your own mark on it. We feel our core collection is both modern and everyday, jewellery that we hope you will never want to take off.


Quality Materials

Here at Gilded Lab, we only use materials that will last a lifetime, ones you’ll be proud to pass onto future generations. Gilded Lab uses only the finest metals, and we don’t use any nasty, allergen causing metals like nickel. We follow the UK standards of hallmarking and stamp all our pieces with their appropriate marks, proving their fineness and durability.



Gilded Lab follows the British Conventions of Hallmarking.