Gilded Lab

- Introducing -

A New Concept in Fine Jewellery


You be the designer, we'll be the maker.


We're providing expertly crafted fine jewellery at a design and price you control.




Our Story


Gilded Lab was founded with the desire to shake things up, covering the jewellery industry in a new coat of gold. Founded by Juliet Sutton-Gee, the idea was born out of a frustration of the lack of high quality, design minded, and reasonably priced jewellery on the market. Jewellery was either cheap and cheerful, but not lasting more than a season; or high priced and exclusive, with bespoke services only available to a select few with deep pockets. With a desire to democratize the bespoke process and provide a high quality collection at prices more in touch with reality, Gilded Lab was born.


We are a fine jewellery company with three core beliefs: bespoke services for all, fine craftsmanship, and revolutionary prices.


Located in London, we are based in collaborative studio in vibrant Shoreditch.



Bespoke Services Pencil

The New Bespoke

At Gilded Lab we give you the tools to create your own jewellery. Once you’ve chosen one of our base designs, our digital interface lets you decide the shape, metal, stone, size, and engraving of your jewellery.

We like to think of it as guided design - the freedom to add your personal touch, but the comfort of knowing that the end result will be nothing but beautiful.

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Fine Craftsmanship

We’re passionate about jewellery that’s crafted to last a lifetime – whether it’s made in sterling silver or 18 karat gold.

Each piece of jewellery is individually hand crafted to the highest standards in our London studio & by skilled artisans around the globe. We've spent years building strong relationships with our suppliers, working together to ensure the highest quality and integrity of your piece.

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Revolutionary Prices

Did you know that traditional retailers mark up jewellery by 9x or more before reaching the customer?

We skip this model and engage with you directly on our site to bring you prices that are more in touch with reality.




How It Works


With the help of our digital design tool, you select the base shape, metal, finish, gems, and size of your jewellery; your design is then custom made and shiped direct to your doorstep anywhere in the world.



1. Base Design

Select your base design to start the process. From a simple band to hexagon hoops, we have a multitude of styles to suit your desires.



2. Metal and Finish

Explore our 15 metal options and 3 finishes to find something you love.


3. Gemstones

Select from all the colours of the rainbow from yellow sapphire to green emerald. We are also adding stones all the time, so keep checking back for new hues.



4. Engraving & Size

Add a little something special with a personal message or date. Then select your size for that perfect fit. We can accommodate any sizing requirements from the smallest fingers to largest wrists.


5.Wait for your dream piece to arrive!

We deliver worldwide via DHL or Fedex and you’ll receive your piece within 6 weeks. Unsure it you’ve made the right choice? We have a no-questions-asked 30 day return policy. Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.